Leadership Team


CTS’s Leadership team, led by Steven Braga, is focused on creating an organization that provides value to our clients, fosters a collaborative and respectful work environment, along with a visionary approach to anticipate what is next.


Our young team along with our seasoned members bring together new ideas with practical wisdom which extends to our customer relationships.   We know when everyone is working together, success follows. We are passionate, practical, responsive and relentless in delivering the right solutions to our clients. We are pioneers who work to the highest standards of ethics and honesty. We strive to be leaders in everything we do. We are Innovators with Integrity, Passionate Forward Thinkers with Boldness in Execution.


Steven Braga

Steven Braga is founder and has served as Chief Executive Officer of CTSBoston since 2007. He is responsible for the company’s overall strategy, strategic execution, revenue and operational organization. Steven has more than 35 years’ experience as an information technology professional with broad experience in sales, operations and finance. Through a systematic and proactive strategy, Steven has expanded the company by developing a powerful product and services portfolio, strong customer relationships, effective technology strategy and a productive management team via his leadership.



Kelly Molloy

Kelly Molloy is founder and has served as Chief Operating Officer of CTSBoston since April of 2007. She is responsible for technical and business strategy and execution, corporate development, emerging business execution (Internet of Things, Cloud, Cyber Security), and Executive Sales. Prior to CTSBoston, Kelly was Vice President of Corporate Telephone Services, Inc. and has been a leader in implementing Carrier Services strategies including; selling, developing and implementing solutions for customers.

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